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WhatsApp news in 2024

WhatsApp is revolutionizing how we connect online. Soon, you’ll be able to open a WhatsApp account without needing a phone number. That’s right! The long-awaited update will allow users to create an account using a unique username instead of relying on a phone number.

According to information from the Wabetainfo website, WhatsApp has been working on this update since October 2023, and it seems that we’re finally close to seeing this innovation in action. Just imagine, you won’t need to disclose your mobile number to use WhatsApp anymore, something that has been a rule since its inception. With this change, your contacts won’t have direct access to your personal number.

By adopting a username, you eliminate the need to share your phone number when chatting on WhatsApp. Currently, when we connect to WhatsApp, our phone numbers are visible to all contacts. With the new update, people will have the freedom to choose a unique username. WhatsApp will then validate this name to ensure its uniqueness and compliance with specific criteria, such as using only alphanumeric characters.

After validation, users can use this username as their identification on WhatsApp. This change will bring more privacy and convenience to users of the world’s most popular messaging app.

In addition to this major news, the year 2024 has already brought other exciting updates to WhatsApp. WhatsApp Channels, launched in 2023, have received several enhancements. Now, channels can have up to 16 administrators, making it easier to distribute tasks related to content creation and posting. And best of all, channel followers won’t have access to administrators’ phone numbers.

Other improvements include the ability for channel followers to listen to audio messages, participate in polls, and share channel content on their WhatsApp statuses. These innovations expand the possibilities for interaction between channel administrators and followers, making the experience even more dynamic and engaging.

And the news doesn’t stop there! A beta version of WhatsApp for iOS is testing the integration of “third-party chats,” allowing WhatsApp to receive messages from other messaging apps like Telegram. This initiative is in line with the requirements of the Digital Markets Regulation, aiming to ensure fair play by major brands in European Union countries. Although this feature is still in testing on iOS, it’s likely that an Android version will be released soon.

Finally, companies using WhatsApp Channels now have the opportunity to request a verification badge, providing more credibility and trust to their customers. These updates demonstrate WhatsApp’s ongoing commitment to providing an innovative and secure communication platform for millions of users worldwide.

The future of WhatsApp is filled with exciting possibilities, and we can’t wait to see what else is in store!



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